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Garmin GPS Golf Watches Tested

In this video, Neil Tappin, Sam Tremlett and Andy Wright test three GPS watches from Garmin on the golf course at Essendon. They look at the functionality, styling, accuracy and easy of use of the S12, S42 and S62 models. At three distinct price points, the level of functionality differs but which of these three could be right for your game? This video should help you make a smart choice.

Mina Harigae Appreciates Everything About Her Heritage and Life

Mina Harigae Appreciates Everything About Her Heritage and Life

Getting a good game is never a problem. “There are about six or seven tour players who are members out here,” Mina Harigae said of her home club, Superstition Mountain just east of Phoenix. “We have a lot of really good players.”

The views aren’t bad, either, with fire-red sunsets against rocky faces of the mountain range and desert vegetation waving its muted colors and sturdy disposition in a hot and steady wind. “I love it out here,” Harigae said of the area where she lives. But breathtaking views and an appreciation for the grandeur of the world around her have always been a part of Mina’s life. She grew up in Monterey, the coastal town midway between California’s borders with Oregon and Mexico, and a place John Steinbeck described as “the interval between day and night when time stops and examines itself.” Seeing the Pacific waves against the rocky shores of the Monterey peninsula brings man closer to the abstracts of existence on earth: things like beauty, poetry, peace and God. It was in this setting that Mina first picked up a golf club at the Bayonet and Black Horse Club.

“I went to a junior clinic out there,” she said. “I didn’t really know anything about golf, but I wanted to get out with kids my own age. That’s where the event was, so, yeah, that’s where I was first introduced to the game.”

Control Your Ball Flight and Maximize Distance in the Wind

Successful tee shots are going to be key to playing well at the 103rd PGA Championship. Back in 2012, Rory McIlroy used his driver to attack the Ocean Course and win the championship. He was not only long off the tee, but also able to control the ball flight in very windy conditions. Listen to PGA Coach Steve Scott as he describes two very simple keys that will help every golfer rip it like Rory.

A pivot is power in golf and nobody better exemplifies this than the longest hitters on tour. Steve’s simple strategy for a bigger pivot, or turn is to get the hands as far away from the body as possible in the backswing. Watch as he stretches his swing arc on the practice range at Kiawah.

Power is certainly important, but as Rory showed us, controlling your trajectory will be equally essential. During the downswing Steve describes a feeling of bowing that lead wrist toward the target. A controlling move that lowers trajectory and increases control.

Best Golf Golves 2021

In this video, the Golf Monthly team test 14 of the latest golf gloves and provide feedback on the pros and cons of each to help your buying decision should you be looking to upgrade this year. With so much choice available, it is worth doing your research as to which glove fits your hand and budget the best so hopefully this video will assist you in narrowing down your search.

Thunderbirds Proud to Host JGAA's Thunderbird Invitational

The game of golf is extremely important to the State of Arizona, and with roughly 200 golf courses in the Phoenix area alone, the game is a defining feature of the Valley of the Sun. The Thunderbirds – hosts of the Waste Management Phoenix Open – are obviously extremely familiar with golf, using the game to raise millions of dollars for charity each year from the proceeds generated from one of the PGA TOUR’s most iconic stops.

The Thunderbirds aren’t only interested in the world’s best players who tee it up at TPC Scottsdale each year for “The People’s Open”. The game of golf can only grow through participation of youth who enjoy the game, which is why The Thunderbirds have sponsored the Junior Golf Association of Arizona (JGAA) for decades, and proudly support one of the JGAA’s largest annual events – The Thunderbird Invitational.

Former ASU Sun Devil and LPGA Hall of Famer Linda Vollstedt joins the Bunker to Bunker Golf Show!