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$169 Kirkland Wedge Set... Tested!

In this video, Neil Tappin puts the Kirkland Signature 3-Piece Wedge Set through its paces. He tries the 52?, 56? and 60? models in a range of scenarios including testing the 52? against a premium wedge on a launch monitor and comparing the 60? to another wedge option at a similar price point. The question is, if you go for a wedge set like this - what do you get for your money?

Tiger Woods: Rehab Process 'More Painful Than Anything I Have Ever experienced'

Tiger Woods: Rehab Process 'More Painful Than Anything I Have Ever experienced'

In his first interview since his car accident in February, Tiger Woods said he’s focused not on his long-term playing future but a more immediate goal: Walking on his own.

“This has been an entirely different animal,” Woods told Golf Digest, with whom he has a content partnership. “I understand more of the rehab processes because of my past injuries, but this was more painful than anything I have ever experienced.”

Woods suffered serious injuries when he was involved in a one-vehicle crash in Southern California on Feb. 23. Woods had multiple open fractures to his lower right leg and needed to have a rod placed in his tibia and screws and pins inserted in his right foot and ankle.

Updates on his progress have been limited. On April 23, he posted a photo on his Instagram account of him on crutches and an air cast on his lower right leg, with the caption: “My course is coming along faster than I am.” Several PGA Tour players who live in the South Florida area have visited Woods and noted his upbeat demeanor.

The Perfect Mix: Smoothie Recipes to Help You Stay Fueled on the Golf Course

The Perfect Mix: Smoothie Recipes to Help You Stay Fueled on the Golf Course

Spending time on the range working on your swing and finding a physical fitness program that is suited for your body are just a couple of keys to improving your golf game.

Fueling the body for golf is essential to peak performance. Eating, and in this case, drinking the appropriate nutrients needed to fuel your round can be the difference between success and failure.

With the start of the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship, we got to thinking how we could utilize one of KitchenAid’s top appliances to help you prepare some delicious smoothies to grab-and-go next time you’re heading to the course.

We connected with PGA Coach Payton Minear, who has helped you improve your golf game with tips and drills, for some of her favorite smoothie recipes.

So check out the recipes below for the perfect mix to keep your body prepared to take on the course and competition. And even if your golf game isn’t in form, you’ll have a delicious smoothie to ease the pain.

Garmin GPS Golf Watches Tested

In this video, Neil Tappin, Sam Tremlett and Andy Wright test three GPS watches from Garmin on the golf course at Essendon. They look at the functionality, styling, accuracy and easy of use of the S12, S42 and S62 models. At three distinct price points, the level of functionality differs but which of these three could be right for your game? This video should help you make a smart choice.

Mina Harigae Appreciates Everything About Her Heritage and Life

Mina Harigae Appreciates Everything About Her Heritage and Life

Getting a good game is never a problem. “There are about six or seven tour players who are members out here,” Mina Harigae said of her home club, Superstition Mountain just east of Phoenix. “We have a lot of really good players.”

The views aren’t bad, either, with fire-red sunsets against rocky faces of the mountain range and desert vegetation waving its muted colors and sturdy disposition in a hot and steady wind. “I love it out here,” Harigae said of the area where she lives. But breathtaking views and an appreciation for the grandeur of the world around her have always been a part of Mina’s life. She grew up in Monterey, the coastal town midway between California’s borders with Oregon and Mexico, and a place John Steinbeck described as “the interval between day and night when time stops and examines itself.” Seeing the Pacific waves against the rocky shores of the Monterey peninsula brings man closer to the abstracts of existence on earth: things like beauty, poetry, peace and God. It was in this setting that Mina first picked up a golf club at the Bayonet and Black Horse Club.

“I went to a junior clinic out there,” she said. “I didn’t really know anything about golf, but I wanted to get out with kids my own age. That’s where the event was, so, yeah, that’s where I was first introduced to the game.”

Bunker to Bunker is joined by Justin Creighton of the AZ Biltmore GC to discuss the 10th Annual Fall Frolic Golf Tournament!