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Congratulations to our LPGA Ford Championship "Inside the Ropes" Winners!

They were our two Grand Prize Winners for our contest and will be “Walking Inside the Ropes” VIP Style with the Pros at the LPGA Ford Championship at Seville Country Club March 28-31 and they will be sporting their new Shady Rays Green Wolf Sunglasses!

Bunker to Bunker Club Winner:
Bill Ross

Bunker to Bunker Listener:
Therese Smith

Congratulations from Bunker to Bunker, Shady Rays and the LPGA!

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    Get a behind-the-scenes look at Jason Day's golf barn and backyard practice area at his home near Columbus, Ohio in “Outside the Ropes” presented by TruGreen. The Australian is a 13-time PGA TOUR winner, including the 2015 PGA Championship and THE PLAYERS Championship in 2016. He shows us how he uses his golf complex to keep his game sharp and provides instruction on how to hit bunker shots, keep your putting sharp and how best to hit a variety of shots with wedges.

  • Golf Tips: The Best Putting Drills to Improve Your Stroke

    Golf Tips: The Best Putting Drills to Improve Your Stroke

    Putting is not just a part of the game, it's often described as the 'game within the game.' This is because being proficient on the greens is not just beneficial, it's essential for a successful round of golf. It's the area where you can make or break your score and mastering it can significantly improve your game.
    Fortunately, there are several putting drills that can help you improve your skills and sink more putts. Here are three of the best putting drills of all time, and one's very often used by the best of the best:

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    In this video, Golf Monthly editor Neil Tappin is joined by qualified rules expert Fergus Bisset to run through what you need to do in the various scenarios where you might lose your golf ball. A lost golf ball can be a confusing situation if you don't know how to proceed, but thankfully we're here to help with all the advice you need so you don't incur any avoidable penalty shots!

  • Bunker to Bunker's Summer Throwback Golf Tournament | Talking Stick Golf Club | July 20, 2024

  • Scenes From a Successful Women's Golf Day

    Scenes From a Successful Women's Golf Day

    You may have noticed around golf social media yesterday that the mood was a celebratory one.

    That's because June 4 was Women's Golf Day, an annual event that takes place at over 1,300 locations in more than 84 countries since its inception in 2016. It's introduced thousands of new golfers to the sport by providing girls and women who haven’t tried golf — as well as those who have experience — with a platform to play and engage in a fun, non-intimidating environment.

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Michael Henry joins the show to preview Bunker's upcoming "Summer Throwback" Golf Tournament at Talking Stick Golf Club!