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Ranking Golf's 9 Greatest Acheivements

I've been tasked with the impossible: Ranking golf's 9 greatest achievements, in order. How do you even do that?

Who is this schmuck to decide which is better than the other when just about any one of us would dine on a haggis-only diet everyday for the rest of our lives to have accomplished just one of them?

With the realization that ranking these achievements in an order all of us could agree on, is nearly as difficult as reaching just one of the feats that follow. As I run to take cover, here goes nothing...

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Olympic Golf: Brazillian Who Learned Golf with a Branch will Open Games

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The first Olympics in South America. The first time for golf in 112 years. So imagine the deep sense of honor for Adilson da Silva when the only Brazilian in the 60-man field was chosen to hit the first tee shot.

"One of the most special times in my life," he said.

The honor is not his alone.

Joining him on the first tee Thursday at Olympic Golf Course will be Andrew Edmondson, who has been part of da Silva's unlikely golf career for the better part of 30 years. Edmondson asked to be his caddie for the week, and both men could only smile at circumstances that led to this occasion.

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4 Holes-in-One at a Golf Tournament in a Single Day

On Wednesday at the Billy Casper Pro-Member Tournament, four different golfers recorded holes-in-one, including two in the same grouping on the same hole.

Whenever you see a headline like this, you immediately do a double-take.

So let me try and put this into perspective.

The National Hole In One Association has been recording holes-in-one for over thirty years, and have determined the odds of players hitting one. Golf Digest simplified the information into a nice infographic, but here's what we learned.

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Get Rid of Back and Shoulder Pain with 2 Basic Exercises

In the last couple years I honestly can say I have grown more personally and professionally than I ever have. Some of this growth was forced! Which for some reason tends to be the main reason we change as humans. It takes a major life event like a heart attack or major disease. For me it was pain. I was dealing with some major issues that finally motivated me to see a doctor and finally get a MRI for some back issues I had been fighting for a while.

Change in lot of situations has to be FORCED.

This change and growth has been amazing and has had a profound impact on my personal health as well as what we do at premier with our clients. One of the greatest things about our team is the push to constantly grow and learn. There is a constant pursuit to drive change and ultimately have a bigger impact on the people we work with and in our society.

Stretch Your Hamstrings To Play Better Golf With The Pancake Stretch

In this post we are going to teach you one of our favorite mobility drills for increasing the mobility in the hamstrings and hips! The world famous pancake stretch! Done correctly this exercise can drastically increase the length in your hamstrings which will allow your glutes to fire and increase your driving distance dramatically.

ASU Golf Coach Matt Thurmond joins the show to discuss the upcoming Copper Cup!