Latest Golf News Launched as a Marketplace for Golfers to Buy and Sell New and Used Clubs and Gear

JACKSON, Miss., July 26, 2017 -- Online Exchanges, a startup company dedicated to bringing online marketplaces to passion pursuit industries, today announces the launch of Golfing Exchange is a marketplace for golfers to buy and sell both new and used golf clubs and gear. The site is free for sellers and offers a great shopping experience for the golf enthusiast.

"We are excited about the reception we've received by fellow golfers. We saw an opportunity in the market to build a place just for golfers where it was easy to sell a set of golf clubs or find a great deal on a new or used set," said Stuart Whitaker, founder and President of Online Exchanges. "The site is completely free for sellers and clubs can be listed for sale in a matter of minutes."

Smart Putter with Built-In LED Level Indicator, Laser Pointer Launches on Indiegogo

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 25, 2017 / -- K-ICT Born2Global Centre (Born2Global), a major Korean government agency, announced on July 20 that SMARTGOLF, a member startup of Born2Global, successfully launched "Smart Putter" with built-in LED level indicator, laser pointer on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo ( SMARTGOLF is continuing crowdfunding with Smart Putter at Indiegogo until July 30.

The Smart Putter is all-in-one solution to help users score and have more fun on the golf course.

A consistent level swing and proper alignment are key factors when it comes to success with putting.

The Smart Putter can help users do just that with its technology features. For horizontal movement and a stable swing, the built-in LED level indicators on the head of the equipment light up instantly according to the level of the putter. For proper alignment, the laser pointer built onto the face of the putter can guide the golfer to ensure the ball is hit squarely for it to roll to the right path. With these features, golfers can expect to develop and sustain proper muscle memory that will grant them an early finish.

Cable Hinge and Row Exercise | Premier Fitness Systems

Give this hinge and row exercise a go! Great for building power and strength in your swing.

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JW Marriot Camelback Golf Club Mobile Phone App

Download the Camelback Golf Club App to enhance your golf experience on the course.

This app includes:

  • Interactive Scorecard
  • Golf Games: Skins, Stableford, Par, Stroke Scoring
  • GPS
  • Golfer Profile with Automatic Stats Tracker
  • Hole Descriptions & Playing Tips
  • Live Tournaments & Leaderboards
  • Book Tee Times
  • Course Tour
  • Food & Beverage Menu
  • Facebook Sharing
  • And much more...

To download, use to one of these links:



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