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Golf is Hard | Awkward Bunker Shots

Over the years, players have encountered countless awkward bunker shots and struggled to escape. Check out some of the best all-time “golf is hard” moments featuring tricky bunker shots on the PGA TOUR.

Confident Jordan Spieth Sends Early Open Warning Shot

Confident Jordan Spieth Sends Early Open Warning Shot

SANDWICH, England – Jordan Spieth says “living in the external” is where he belongs, and it was the key to an impressive start at The 149th Open.

The former FedExCup champion continued his return to form this season, putting everyone on notice at Royal St. George’s with a very tidy 5-under 65 during the early wave.

The 2017 Open champion sat just one off the pace set by 2010 champion Louis Oosthuizen as he relied on feel and instinct, much like he did in his giant-killing years of 2015-2017 that yielded 10 victories.

His mastery of the blustery winds on the seaside links course helped provide six birdies over his last 14 holes including a run of four straight on the front nine but perhaps more impressive than the birdie barrage was the mentality the 12-time PGA TOUR winner showcased post round.

A Little Lean Makes the Golf Ball Go a Long Way

Contact is king when it comes to playing golf. The primary challenge is all about getting the ball from point A to B. Developing speed and a free-flowing motion is one of the building blocks to learning the game. The second key is actually making contact.

Better contact will help all players improve their scoring, but the best opportunity to learn proper ball striking comes when we are kids just learning the game.

Best Putters 2021

Joel Tadman tests out 15 of the latest putter ranges launched this year or in the second half of last year on the stunning Tavistock short game area at Woburn Golf Club in an attempt to decide on the best models you can buy this year. He breaks it down into various categories so you can see where models excel in the areas that are important to you and make sure you watch to the end to see what his overall top pick for 2021 is!

Crisp Contact is Key to Developing a Winning Short Game

Crisp Contact is Key to Developing a Winning Short Game

Golf is truly a game for all. Watching “The Match,” we all were intrigued by the play of other athletes competing against PGA TOUR superstars. This is simply why golf is so popular.

The NBA cannot host an exhibition match between two golfers and their superstars. A couple of non-football athletes aren’t jumping on the field with two NFL players. Golf’s uniqueness in many ways comes from the fact that it is a game we can all play and relate to.

Many of you reading this play matches every week or even every day against your friends and foes just like what we watched on television. Whether it is two NFL Hall of Famers alongside two of the best golfers in the world, one fact in match play always rings true, the best short game wins. If you can outplay your opponent from inside 50 yards to the hole (including putting) you will win a large majority of your matches.

A shining example of this principle happened on the first hole when Bryson DeChambeau chipped in for birdie to win the hole over Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson. Even though his competitors expected him to get it close, making the shot was an early devastating blow and not only set the tone, but ultimately led to their victory over the seven-time Superbowl champ and reigning PGA Champion.

Bunker to Bunker is joined by Justin Creighton of the AZ Biltmore GC to discuss the 10th Annual Fall Frolic Golf Tournament!