Mobilize Your Wrists for Strength, More Lag and Decreases in Injury

This video has been sped up for effect. Let me explain what's happening. From a kneeling position flip your hands and get your middle fingers pointing straight back at your knees that should be shoulder width apart. If your wrists are super tight you might have to start w your middle fingers pointing outside of your knees for the time being working to eventually straight on. Spread your fingers as wide as possible and make sure to dial your shoulders like a sphinx w depression of the shoulders and driving your head back w neutral chin sit back into a deep stretch on your wrists. Hold there passively for 2 min just getting deep into the stretch focusing on your breath. Ramping up tension in your hand to 100% drive through the floor of the heel of your wrist and all your fingers for 20 seconds the same level of tension driving through the heel of your palms and all your fingers and try to pull all your fingers away from the floor for 20 seconds. If done right they won't actually lift up and only you would know you are attempting to pull them away from the floor passively hold the stretch for 30 seconds focusing on your breath repeat the 20/20 for 2-3 rounds and finish in the deep stretch passively like you started for 1 more min continuing to focus on your breath.

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