Stretch Your Hamstrings To Play Better Golf With The Pancake Stretch

In this post we are going to teach you one of our favorite mobility drills for increasing the mobility in the hamstrings and hips! The world famous pancake stretch! Done correctly this exercise can drastically increase the length in your hamstrings which will allow your glutes to fire and increase your driving distance dramatically.

First, lets talk a little bit about mobility and flexibility.

Being flexible doesn’t mean you have to be able to bend like a crazy contortionist. Being flexible really is about having the appropriate level of mobility so you can do what you love and do it well! That might be picking up your kids or grandkids or if you are a golfer it means playing pain free, Top Level golf.

Really it is about quality of life! Something we love to say at Premier Fitness Systems is do you LIFT or do you MOVE? To often people workout and lift weights and what they are doing actually makes them worse at the the things in life they love doing. This is not a good situation! What you do for fitness should enable you to be better at what you do in your life! Most things we love doing require a certain level of mobility to be done well and without risk for injury.

Simply put, flexibility and mobility is important for everyone and should be a huge part of everyones workout routine.

Most of the initial gains in flexibility come from changes in the neural muscular connection. Training mobility and flexibility has a positive effect on the nervous systems input to the muscles. There is less resistance to changes in length when we move and even when we are at rest. So basically stretching helps our body cary around less stress in our muscles!

In this video we demonstrate a pancake stretch. This stretch or mobility drill in amazing for lengthening the hamstrings and hips. If your hamstrings are tight there will definitely be a negative effect on both your back and your glute function. Use the pancake to increase your flexibility and to help you with your golf game.

How many yards are you leaving on the T-box due to weak glutes and tight hamstrings? Our athletes are gaining 25 yards in the first 2 months of our program! Sign up for a free Movement Screen and find out what is holding you back from smashing the ball off the Tee!

Director of Golf Leo Simonetta with a Springtime update on The Wigwam.