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Nutritional Counseling

Part of the Healing Arts

Proper Nutrition is the Most Important Part of the Healing Arts

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Proper nutrition is usually the MOST important part of a successful fitness program. Just because you exercise doesn’t mean you can erase all the bad eating habits you possess. However, many people think that proper eating means you have to starve yourself or eat foods that you don’t like. It’s not that at all.

Proper nutrition involves your body actually receiving what it needs - not just putting food in your mouth and swallowing. You will learn that you can implement simple habits into your daily routine that will maximize your results. Calculator or app NOT required.

Adjusting Your Diet

Infuse the Nutrition You Require

  • Start with Your Existing Diet
  • Make Adjustments - Not Wholesale Changes
  • You Can Still Eat Your Favorite Foods
  • Understand How Different Foods Convert To Energy
  • Learn the Role of Food in the Functioning of the Human Body
  • Portion Sizes in a Well-balanced Diet
  • Don’t Eliminate Essential Foods
  • Live a Healthier Lifestyle of Moderation
  • Don’t Harm Your Body by Experimenting with Fad Diets

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