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Golf Mobility- 15 Min Lower Body Daily Mobility Flow

This is a great flow to go through every morning or a few days a week to open up your hips and lengthen your hamstrings. This flow focuses on joint health and increasing mobility for all the muscles of the lower body.

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Fix Your Tight Hamstrings with 1 Simple Stretch

Fixing tight hamstrings can be as simple as first understanding the proper way to stretch them. A proper hinge must first be obtained and then length and mobility can be achieved in the hamstrings. In this video we demonstrate and very simple way to fix your tight hamstrings.

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What Was Even Par Worth on the PGA Tour Last Season?

Par is worthless in pro golf these days, right?

Strong, fit athletes swing graphite-shafted titanium drivers and crank 350-yard tee shots. No dogleg corner or hole location is safe. They’ve rendered Old Man Par irrelevant, turned him into a grumpy relic who screams “Get off my course!” at the flatbellies, with their protein shakes and entourages.

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Tiger Woods to be Assistant Captain at President's Cup

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Tiger Woods will be at Presidents Cup next year with or without his golf clubs.

U.S. captain Steve Stricker said Wednesday he has chosen Woods, Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III and three-time Presidents Cup captain Fred Couples to be his assistants for the matches next year at Liberty National.

International team captain Nick Price said his three assistants would be Ernie Els, Geoff Ogilvy and Tony Johnstone.

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coLLo Launches Sun Protective Men's Golf Shirt Line

Company introduces exclusive line of UPF-50+ UV blocking golf apparel

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Oct. 6, 2016 -- Excessive exposure to the sun's burning rays is a dangerous and often overlooked health issue for recreational and professional golfers. In response, coLLo Apparel ( has introduced its new line of high performance, UPF 50+ sunblocking men's golf shirts.

"As a golfer, I was frustrated by the lack of options for protecting myself from skin cancer, especially my neck," said Tom Hurst, coLLo founder, and president. "That led me to launch coLLo and design our unique collars. Nearly 3.7 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year, and the risks for golfers are exceptionally high. We're serious about protecting golf players from UV radiation, and donate a percentage of every coLLo shirt sale to skin cancer research and prevention."

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