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The First Tee of Phoenix recently announced the hiring of Kevin Terry as Executive Director. Terry will oversee all planning and day-to-day operations including programming featuring The First Tee’s nine core values and other golf learning activities. The position was previously held by Hugh Smith beginning in 2006.

Sedona, AZ – Sedona Golf Resort and OB Sports recently announced that Sedona Golf Resort will be the host of the 2nd Annual Sedona Bike & Brew Festival August 28th – 29th 2015. The Sedona Bike & Brew, believed to be the first of its kind, is a Mountain Bike Race that will be hosted on the Golf Course.

GILBERT, Ariz. (June 26, 2015) – Led by one of the world’s finest ball strikers and unquestionably one of the game’s finest trick shot artists, the Outback Golf Academy and Craig Hocknull offer a unique level of services for golfers either just starting to play the game or single digit handicappers looking to go even lower on their scorecards

The reigning Southwest Section – PGA of America Teacher of the Year has expanded his popular golf academy into the town of Queen Creek and will offer its participants indoor junior golf camps, private golf lessons and golf fitness training. As an added bonus to the playing package for the Outback Golf Academy, golf fitness guru, Andrew “Fish” Fischer, PGA TOUR trainer will be providing golf instruction and golf fitness training. “We clearly understand that so much goes into being a good golfer away from the course like proper stretching and working the golf muscles of your body repetitively, further creating muscle memory so your swing matches itself time and time again,” said Hocknull, a 1997 graduate of Jackson State University in Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education. Hocknull earned the school’s coveted Walter Payton Award, named in honor of the late NFL Hall of Famer. Payton’s brother, Eddie is the golf coach at Jackson State.

LITCHFIELD PARK, Ariz. (June 26, 2015) – With a steadfast commitment to continued enhancement of the legendary Gold Golf Course, JDM Partners, owners of Wigwam Arizona, are renovating the bunkers in addition to making course condition improvements of the “Arizona Monster,” nicknamed as such for its well-known degree of difficulty.

The project is being done in collaboration with Tom Lehman, former British Open champion and winner of numerous PGA TOUR events, and will involve a complete renovation of the bunkers. Work will begin Monday, July 6 and is expected to be completed within eight weeks. Though the Gold Golf Course will be closed during this time, both The Patriot and The Heritage courses at the Wigwam Golf Club will remain open.

Your Warm Up is the most important part of your workout. In this video watch greg take you through a great mobility warm up that he uses himself and with clients.
Golf is a rotary sport! The key to developing rotary power is first to develop stability in the scapula and pelvis. To often athletes push speed and power before they have developed stability. This forces the athlete to compensate with dysfunctional movement patterns and lose power. In this video Brandon Harris Co-founder of Premier Fitness Systems teaches you 2 Golf Fitness exercises that will help you develop stability in your shoulders and hips.
One of the most fundamental components of athletic movement is learning how to connect with the ground! As a golfer ground force is crucial for rotary power and generating club head speed. Thought: The fastest athlete or the athlete that can jump the highest isn't the athlete that moves the fastest. It is the athlete that can exert the most force into the ground and control that force. In this video Brandon Harris CO Founder of Premier Fitness Systems a Scottsdale, Arizona based fitness studio specializing in golf performance and teaching athletes to increase their ground force production shows a few foundational exercises to learn how to create better ground forces for increased club head speed in golf. The key to understanding ground force and how it works is to first understand Newtons third law of motion. Third law: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body. To create power in the golf swing a golfer must drive the legs forcefully into the ground. This results in the ground pushing back up into the golfers body with a equal magnitude of force. This force is know as the ground reaction force or ground force. The ground force is transferred up the kenetic chain from the ground to the legs into the pelvis up through the core and shoulder complex to the arms and finally the golf club and to the ball. If a golfer doesn’t have stability and strength in the legs, pelvis, core and shoulder complex there will be major loss of energy transfer and lack of club head speed.
In this video Greg demonstrates 3 advanced core training exercises for all the golfers out there. As a golfer the ability to create rotational power is key for performance. A strong core allows a golfer to control and create rotational forces and not to mention connect the lower and upper body. These 3 exercises are more advanced so always make sure you are doing all mobility and stability exercises and that you have a solid foundation before progressing.