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There's a common misconception that when the cold weather comes, golfers place their bag of clubs in a closet and don't take them out again until March.

If you take your game seriously, you know it doesn't have to be that way -- and we're talking about having to take an expensive vacation to a tropical destination.

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Golf's governing bodies have responded to Dustin Johnson's penalty at the U.S. Open by introducing a local rule that will waive the one-shot penalty if a ball moves on the putting green by accident.

The local rule, effective in January, applies only to accidental movement on the putting green of the golf ball and a ball marker.

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This drill is excellent for teaching locking down the lower body for stability and creating separation by only using the muscles of the upper body. Start by lunging laterally so both toes are on the same line and load into the glute on the side you step. Both feet should be pointing straight but dialing externally to root the lower body. The push off leg should be straight but not locked. Once you set a solid base bring the clubs out in front of you and rotate the arm across the bent knee side 180 degrees or as much as you can without letting the lower body move. Both arms should be the same height from the ground with the chin packed in a neutral position.

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With the announcement of the Zurich Classic going to a two-man team format earlier this fall and after watching this weekend’s World Cup of Golf in Australia, we reached out to our faithful social media followers to find out what other formats professional golf tournaments should explore.

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Tiger Woods is scheduled to make his return to competitive golf this week at the Hero World Challenge. Woods, the tournament host, began the event in 1999. Here's everything you need to know about the 14-time major winner's return to competitive golf.

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Start by bringing the ribs and chin to neutral position. Dial the shoulder so you imagine you are squeezing towels under your armpits and keeping your glutes engaged walk as tall as you can keeping good posture.

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Our goal at Premier Fitness Systems is to help you achieve better performance in your golf game. We accomplish this though our proven golf performance system and our monthly free golf lessons online. Today we are going to address one of the major swing faults we see with most of our golfers. Having a tight chest which limits range of motion. By increasing range of motion and flexibility in your chest and upper back you will see increase in distance and power in your drives! First Neil Johnson Canadian Pro member gives you a tip on how to practice keeping the proper posture when you are playing. Neil is not a golf teacher but has had golf lessons from some of the top coaches around. Then Greg McLean co-founder of Premier Fitness Systems a local fitness company based out of North Scottsdale teaches you an exercise that will stretch our chest and help create a more functional swing.

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