New Affordable Home Golf Simulator for Every Golf Enthusiast Released by ProTee United

The newly introduced R Motion of ProTee United and Rapsodo now makes it possible for golf enthusiasts to have their own golf simulator at home, in the barn or in the attic.  
"The device automatically connects to the PC on which the software is installed," said Dennis van Drie, director of ProTee United. "Then you place a net to catch the balls and put a piece of carpet or grass on the ground. Now you're ready to practice. Hit the ball and watch it fly over the screen."
The new R-Motion, ProTee United wants to give a much larger group of people the opportunity to practice in their own homes. "Home indoor golf has never been so affordable," said Van Drie. "With the R-Motion they can practice their hobby with a starting price of 399 euros. In addition, this system does not have to be fixated in one spot and that is ideal for golf lovers with limited space in their home. The R-Motion comes with the same professional software as with the more expensive models. The only differences are that users can only play offline and they will have 15 courses plus a driving range instead of 130.000 courses." The new R-Motion is available through ProTee United's webshop.
ProTee United is one of the world's largest suppliers of golf simulators. "We provide software with around 130,000 different courses. From real life creation to fantasy courses and always with the most insane visuals," said Van Drie. "Throughout the year we organize online tournaments and challenges. The players participating in it, play in a global community against each other and run the same golf courses as on television."
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