The Surprising Reasons Behind Jon Rahm's Unique Swing

The Surprising Reasons Behind Jon Rahm's Unique Swing

The beauty of golf is that every swing is different and there’s not a single way to do it.

To celebrate his birthday, The Open Championship threw it back on Instagram to World Number 1 Jon Rahm's interview where he noted some of the challenges he faced as he learned to swing the club. Rahm is known for his short, powerful and precise swing but not many people know the incredible backstory behind his remarkable stroke.

Born with a club foot, Rahm spent the first months of his life in a cast as doctors worked to correct this ailment. A result of his treatment, Rahm was left with limited mobility & stability in his right ankle which required him to adapt his swing to his physical limitations.

"I learned at a very young age that I'm going to be more efficient at creating power and being consistent from a short swing," said Rahm. "If I take it full to parallel I might have more speed but I have no stability and my ankle just can't take it."

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