Four Makings of a Winning Match Play Mentality

Four Makings of a Winning Match Play Mentality

With this week’s Solheim Cup and the 43rd Ryder Cup being played in just three weeks' time, we will once again get to see and enjoy the game’s premier Match Play competitions. These types of events don’t happen often in Professional golf.

With Match Play being less of the norm today, as opposed to stroke play, the question that comes up is how do you prepare for, or play in Match Play format events? Is there a strategy or game plan one should have?

Try to Start Hot…

In stroke play, you can pretty much ride the ups and downs of a round and still find yourself near the top at the end of the day. Not to mention, you typically have one, two or even three additional rounds to look forward to after day one. In Match Play, you could find yourself in trouble fast after losing the first couple holes. Because of this, your mentality in general should be a little more aggressive. Try to get out of the gate hot so you can either keep the pace with an opponent that’s playing well, or so you can get a jump on them early.

“In match play, it’s important to take the lead and be the one who sets the pace so you don’t have to react to what your opponent is doing,” ~ Jon Rahm

Aggressive in General, But…

I mentioned in my first tip to be aggressive in general when playing in Match Play, and I stand by that…however, in some instances, where an opponent may be in trouble, you could be a little more conservative. Let’s say an opponent hits it OB off the tee, you could take that opportunity to think middle of the fairway, fat of the green, two putts and out.. and just be a little less aggressive overall for that hole.

Every Hole is a New Hole…

Every hole is literally a new hole. We should really have that mindset every time when we tee it up, match, stroke or any other form of play…but in Match Play, you can really live by this. What was; was, and the next hole is a new opportunity.

It’s Not Stroke Play…Don’t Care What You Shoot…

Nobody is adding them up at the end of the round…all that matters is if you win the hole against your opponent or not. That’s why a more aggressive and sometimes “Go for Broke” mindset is appropriate for this format.

“I don’t care what I shoot…I’m just trying to beat you.” ~ Scottie Scheffler, the 2019 WGC-Match Play champion and the 2018 runner-up.

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