Birdie Juice For Golf Courses

Birdie Juice Golf Drink Re-Seller Program | Golf Re-Seller Product

Why Sell Birdie Juice?

Who are Birdie Juice Retailers

  • Private Courses
  • Municipal Golf Courses
  • 55+ Golf Courses
  • Local and professional golf tournaments
  • Fund raising and charity golf events
  • Golf Superstores and other golf product retail locations
  • Golf Driving Ranges


Who needs Birdie Juice

  • All Golfers ages 18 and over who
  • experience decreased performance during the round
  • have a lack the energy and stamina on the nine
  • difficulty concentrating
  • suffer from join pain during or after the round

Birdie Juice Golf Drink Re-Seller Program | Golf Re-Seller Product

Unique Product Niche

Birdie Juice is unique and does not compete with other beverage products you may already be selling, and will generate additional profit for your course or retail site.

More importantly, players with more energy and stamina are more likely to stay at your course longer and purchase more food, beverage and ancillary golf products.

High Profit Margins

Our retail profit margins generally exceed most non-alcoholic beverage products you are currently sale.

Maximize Point of Sale Space with our Counter Top Display

Birdie Juice is designed to be consumed at room temperature and sold at the Point of Sale in the Pro Shop, allowing our retailers to maximize otherwise under performing point-of-sale space with high margin product placement. Our Industry leading counter top product display cases designed for premier product placement at your course

Self Stable Product

Birdie Juice® is shelf stable, designed to be served at room temperature with 18 month shelf life. No refrigeration required, and no risk of expiring product. Unopened expired product can always be returned for a full refund.